Dhanendra Poedjono or "WalgDP" (pronounced as Wal Gee Dee Pee)
is a visual artist originally from Jakarta - Indonesia, 
but currently he resides in the little red dot of Asia, Singapore.
 He plays video games from time to time. No, actually, all the time. Oh and he likes to do those artsy stuff too. Practicing different methods of painting and drawing so he can keep up with his terribly talented friends. 
He joined the Band of Doodlers (BOD) on early 2014 to spread his quirkiness around the island.
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Heinemann Asia Pacific - Graphic and Visual Merchandiser
Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific - Graphic and Digital Publisher
Score Campus - Campus Architect (Design lead)
Happy TV Media - Graphic and Motion Graphic Artist
Play Imaginative - Toy Designer

Past Clients and Projects: 
Autodesk Singapore - Office wall illustrator
Apple Singapore - Apple Talk workshop
Mastercard - Illustrator for Chainsmokers by Mastercard event
Noise Singapore - Mentor for the NOISE x BOD Mentorship Programme 2017
Pedro Shoes - Illustrator for the event with BOD
Samsung Singapore - Illustrator for the Galaxy Note 8 campaign with BOD
Mediacorp Singapore - Campus map designer
Global Startup Battle ASEAN bangkok 2015 - 3rd place with Go Score (lead designer)
Google Asia Pacific- Workshop leader for Doodle 4 Google in Singapore
Asia Bank Summit Hong Kong - Live illustration project with BOD
Singapore Art Museum - Imaginarium Doodle exhibition with BOD
Stickerbomb - Selected Designs (Skulls 2015 & Stickerbomb 3 2016)
Smilegate Europe - Gamerage Pangya 1st place winner fan art competition
PUB, Singapore national water agency - SG50 Doodle for Singapore's water day with BOD, 
World Water Day doodle coloring book 2016 with BOD,
World Water day campaign 2019
Shout.sg - Starwars campaign
Adidas - Illustrator for Solesuperior event 2014 with BOD
& Totebag design for 2018 UNCAGED event in Singapore with BOD
Sharpie - Illustrator for STGCC event 2014 with BOD
Starbucks - Illustrator for Starbuck's tumblr event with BOD
A-List Magazine - Illustrator for the launch event of the magazine with BOD

2014 - BOD in Detention
2015 - Graphically Speaking ( Singapore 2015 & Vancouver 2017)
2015 - Band of Doodlers in Monster Mash
2016 - White Space Bandits, Gang Wars
2017 - 52 Tales

Online articles and interviews:

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